Sketch 1: Avatar

While I was originally planning on doing a pretty simple drawing for my avatar, after seeing the submissions already made, I decided to go out of my comfort zone with some pixel art.

My initial struggles included finding a program that would minimize the work needed. I took a picture I had already had and pixelated it, which didn’t work well at all. Then I found a pretty nifty program that would let you could compose pixel images. This meant, however, that I had to start from scratch. The lips were challenging, and I don’t think they look very realistic. Straight off I knew the eyes would probably be hard to get to look correct, so I drew sunglasses instead.

I chose to make it a gif because I thought it would be creative, and I like the retro look of the pixels. The flashing banner references our English class. I was originally planning on having the banners be the books we’re going to read in this class, but the difficulty in the execution was too great. The animation aspect and set up of the program made it difficult to incrementally change the gif. I had to first finish and decide that I liked everything about the face and background before I could move onto the books; if I saw something I didn’t like, I had to manually change each pixel meticulously so each slide matched.

Now I feel more confident that I could make more images styled in this way if I so chose. I quite enjoyed myself while making it, so that possibility is likely.

Link to Sketch 1: Avatar Assignment


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