Sketch 3: Sunday Sketches

Barbara Shop

I had many ideas of what to do before this one, but none came out quite as well. I would have a flicker of insight, but a combination of problems would usually deter me from continuing. These road blocks included difficulty with angles, lack of simplicity, and absence of creativity. When I thought about the swirls on my perfume housing, inspiration struck.

Since barber poles are usually red and blue, the pink gives it a “feminine” feel, hence the name Barbara. A difficulty I encountered was that I didn’t have a single piece of white paper large enough to draw on; instead I used multiple pieces of paper laid on top of each other. I had to take the picture from a couple feet up otherwise the angle would be off and the 2D illusion would be ruined. I considered writing the words “Barber Shop” as a sign next to the pole, but I thought it would take away from the simplicity since so few of the given examples had wording on them.

Link to Sketch 3: Sunday Sketches Assignment


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